Welcome to muench.bio!

On this webpage I want to give an overview over my research activities, hopefully in a way that also non-scientists will be able to get an idea about what I do and what I am interested in.

I am a neuroscientist, interested in different aspects of the sense of smell. I am fascinated by how even simple olfactory systems like that of the fruitfly Drosophila are capable to to detect and interpret the incredible amount of complex chemical stimuli that surround us.

Furthermore I am interested in everything regarding open-source, open-access and tools for science communication in the internet, I love learning new techniques, may it be experimental procedures or data analysis and statistics. I perform most of my analysis in Gnu-R.

Some of the projects I am currently working on relate to the creation and maintenance of DoOR, the Database of Odor Responses, the processing of chemical mixtures in the olfactory periphery and the usage of insect antenna as chemical sensors, i.e. for the detection of cancer.